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Public Telephones in Ilhabela

Telephone and mail services

Public telephones are readily available almost anywhere in the island. All public phones will accept a phone card which you can buy at the post office ,newstands,stores, supermarkets, etc. This phone card is useful for lokal, national and international calls.

For international calls you have to digit 00 + the lokal operators number + country number + city number + number. Operators numbers: 15 Telefônica / 21 Embratel / 23 Intelig.

If you need Internet service, there are some stores called Cyber-café or Lan-house where you can rent a computer for about 3 reais an hour. There are some in the Village, Perequê and Barra Velha neighborhoods. Many hotels and inns offer also Internet service.

FAX: Most hotels provide public fax services for their guests and you can also find it at the post office.
MAIL: You can buy stamps at the post office. If you need some fast mailing , there’s a special service called SEDEX.

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