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Cuidados com a segurança - Ilhabela


Ilhabela is mostly a safe city and you can walk around and do your sightseeing at ease. However, some basic precautions should be taken to avoid uncomfortable situations.

General Safety advice for visitors:

  • Watch your luggage, especially handbags, cameras, video cameras, etc., while you walk in the city.
  • If you travel by car and have left your luggage inside it, don’t leave objects within sight.
  • When you are in open or public areas don’t show large amounts of money .
  • Use your hotel’s safety box and leave your valuable objects and currency in it. If you want to you can ask your hotel to keep your identity documents (passport, etc.). If you do this you should ask your hotel to make a copy of your documents which you should always carry with you.

To make a police report or in an emergency:
General Police phone 190
Local Police Station phone 3895-8562
Federal Police phone 146

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