The Brazilian government has implemented some measures to reduce smoking in indoor establishments. There is a Anti-Smoking Law (No. 12,546 Leia mais

Tips and Taxes

Tips are accepted in Ilhabela. As a general guideline, in restaurants and bars the usual tip is included (services), corresponding Leia mais


Portuguese immigrants have spread all over Brazil, while Germans, Arabs, Lebanese, Italians and other Europeans are concentrated in the Southern Leia mais

Business Hours

During the week and low season, general business hours in Ilhabela are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except Banks Leia mais


Ilhabela is mostly a safe city and you can walk around and do your sightseeing at ease. However, some basic Leia mais


Portuguese is the national language. It is spoken with rhythmic intonation and in a relaxed way unknown in Portugal. English Leia mais


If you need to contact the consulate of his country, São Paulo is the closest capital Ilhabela. See the contact Leia mais


Ilhabela has a relatively mild tropical climate. Summer can get hot and humid, 30ºC is not uncommon, while winter is Leia mais